Family gathering

All descendants of Arian and Sally Danielsen are invited to a familiy reunion in Loshavn.

Saturday, July 3, 2010
The program will include:
• Presentations of the family during Saturday morning / afternoon ..
• Guided tours. Where was Arian born? Where was Sally born? Where did they live?
• The history of Arian, Sally, and their descendants - where are they?  How many of us are there?
• Gathering in the evening in a suitable location in Farsund.

Spouses, partners, children, stepchildren (and so on) are, of course, all welcome to join the party. This is a preliminary invitation, but we will ask you to take notice of the date. Program and further information on registration and costs for coverage of expenses will come later.

Please bring this message on to those you know of descendants. We can not reach everyone, so we are depending on “word of mouth” as a method. We want feedback on whether you want to participate, so we know approximately how many people can come. (for planning, booking of locations, etc.)This is not binding. .


Arthur Danielsen jr

Alf-Arian Loshamn: - tel. +4799571229
Arthur Danielsen jr: - tel. +4741301245